Cushman Internet Chat Groups

NOTE: To those unfamiliar with "internet chat groups", the sites below have been established and maintained by individuals who have a keen interest in Cushman products. The groups are hosted by YAHOO at no charge to the users or owners. You are strongly encouraged to join any/all of them. "Messages" are posted/exchanged via E-Mails. They are a GREAT source of information for facts, advice, problem solving, etc., for any/all who are interested in owning, driving, restoring, and/or maintaining any of the Cushman vehicles. To join any of the 2 groups, just "click" on the name of the group and follow the on screen directions (you must have a valid, current E-Mail address).


CUSHMANGROUP  - Free Internet chat group that focuses on all things related to Cushman scooters. Discussions vary about related topics as well. This group is both technical and social.

CUSHMAN4WHEELS Free Internet chat group that focuses on the exchange of information involving Cushman Trucksters, Haulsters Mailsters, Golfsters, and other 3 and 4 wheeled motorized Hobby Vehicles.


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